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Funny stories from me, Hope, Hannah, and Christi

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Funny stories

Story 1
The train ride to Revere

Me and Hannah Montana went to Revere to visit my room mate. We took three T lines. The Red Line, The Orange Line, and The Blue Line. When we left, we stopped and asked the room mate, "Do you know how to get to Mattapan?" I ask. "Take the Blue line, Orange line, Red line, and the trolley." the room mate said. So, we took the ways that she told us. We ended up in Mattapan. Just like we were suppose to. We went to a crowded restaurant. When we went home, I gave Hope the rest of my fish sticks.

Story 2
Meeting Christi's Mom

When we went with Christi, she told me, Hannah Montana, and Hope that we should go visit her family. When we went there, we took a bus. When we arrived, we ONLY got to visit Christi's mother. When we were leaving, we asked Christi, "Where is there a train station?" "Train station?" she thought. "Oh yeah! The T! It's downtown." So, for the past hour, we walked to a nearby T station. There was a train that arrived 15 minutes after we came in. The train cars were CROWDED! There was a empty one in the back. We stepped into it. Under Hope and Christi's seat, there was a GIANT BUG under them. They SCREAMED like they were getting murdered. Christi grabs the bug, strongly opening the the train car doors with her two paws. Holding one door (which kept the second one in pace w/ it) with a paw, the other paw, threw the bug out into the tracks. It hit the third rail. It SPARKED, which I crawled under my seat, SHAKING! Hannah Montana pulled me out, then we went back to Dorchester.

By Vanessa Loraine