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Trouble with kinzcash? Read this!

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Dear Webkinz Users,
If you are at a high of 10,000 kinzcash and you have few pets, be gentle on your spending. Buy things you need (NOT JUNK!). Here are two times I made the wrong choice on my kinzcash levels:
  1. I had like about 11,000 kinzcash when I got my 4 birthday webkinz in 2007, and it went from there, to 900 kinzcash.
  2. I had 14 webkinz and I had 30,000 kinzcash. I dropped A LOT MORE. It came to my head that I had to stop. I chose 12,441 kinzcash to be my minimum kinzcash amount.

As I got more webkinz over time, it went up at a higher pace. From 14 to 19... 25,000 kinzcash. Webkinz 20 to 26 (Latest)... 50,000 kinzcash. That was a nice idea. Create a good goal you would want to stop at so you get higher as you get more webkinz. Thanks!

-Webkinz User "Sparkydog8" 

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By webkinz user sparkydog8