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I have 8 pets. IT'S LIKE A ZOO!!! I will describe about them:


Veronica is my baby sister's fish. She is a fish that sits in a bowl filled with marbles that is in between the coffee maker and the sink. When we saw the picture of what she looked like, she changed colors!

Red Yellow and Green Ballons


Hutch is Starski's brother. He isn't really use to the dogs. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, "Meow... Meow... Meow!" I call him over and he jumps on to the bed with me. Well one thing for sure is, he's adorable!

Peering Cat


Ellie is my sister's dog. She loves to eat, and she is really fast when it comes to running. Ellie was hit by a car in 2007, but she survived, I would never want to lose Ellie, she's a great dog!

Dog in a Field


Starski is a little kitten. When you see him for the first time, you will get confused with his brother, Hutch. One thing that will compare them is that Starski has the dark back, and Hutch has the light back.

Peering Cat


Franklin is a painter turtle. We've had him since August of '07. He swims in his dirty water and sometimes, he will climb reallllllllly slow up to his rock. He won't bite. If he would, we wouldn't keep him.



Sasha belongs to me. She is a mix of a cocker spaniel, and a poodle. She's been in the house since 2003. When I first got her with my nana, I named her (a long name) Sasha Tim Jones Stockbridge. She has curls!

Dog in a Field

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