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My Information

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Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.

My Favorites

Favorite Band: The White Stripes
Favorite TV show: Family Guy
Favorite movie: Bad Grampa
Favorite book: Rules
Favorite sports team: Red Sox
Favorite food: Tacos

My Hobbies

I like attending the TechBoston Academy, it is one of 3 favorite school that I LOVE.

I also like to hang out with my friends, my sister joins in as well.

Last but not least, I like to fix people's computers. A majority of them rely on me for them.

Most Admired People

My brother Michael for saving a life in 1997.

My parents for helping me throughout the years

My teachers for giving me a great education

My grandmother for teaching me several things

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